We would like to pay homage to those who have contributed to modern day aromatherapy but cannot be with us anymore. The Aromatic Hologram Project is dedicated to our dearest friend Jan Kusmirek (1946-2023), British /Polish aromacosmetologist who supported the idea of defining the aromatic paradigm with the project from the birth of the idea but unfortunately can not celebrate it with us.

1946 - 2023

British/Polish aromacosmetologist, DN, DHMed Consultant & Founder of Fragrant Earth

A child of the 60s, Jan spent a lifetime with a deep respect for the natural world and everything in it. His quest for knowledge fostered his deep passion, love and understanding of the aromatic world. His eclectic work experience has been in the growth of modern industries such as high vacuum engineering to radical new...

1881 - 1950

Electrical engineer, Physicist, Inventor of the HOLOGRAM (Nobel Prize in Physics, 1971)

Dennis Gabor, a Hungarian-British physicist and engineer, is renowned for his groundbreaking invention of holography, a revolutionary technique that captures and reproduces three-dimensional images. Born on June 5, 1900, in Budapest, Hungary, Gabor's contributions to the field of optics have left an indelible mark on science... 

1881 - 1950

French perfumer

René Maurice Gattefossé was a French chemist and perfumer who made significant contributions to the fields of essential oils, perfumery, and aromatherapy. Born into a family involved in the perfume business, Gattefossé's early exposure to aromatic compounds sparked his interest in the potential therapeutic...

1920 - 1995

Doctor of Medicine,

Dr. Jean Valnet was a French physician and aromatherapist, made significant contributions to the fields of essential oils and aromatherapy, leaving an enduring legacy in natural medicine. Born into a family of doctors, Valnet's early exposure to traditional medicine inspired his lifelong interest in exploring the...

Marguerite MAURY
1895 - 1968

Aromatherapist, Massage Therapist, Nurse

Marguerite Maury was the legendary pioneer of aromatherapy. Her husband, Dr E A Maury wrote that: ‘She had a scientific curiosity towards research which was little known, if not ridiculed by the great minds of the day. She subsequently gained indisputable fame through her pioneering qualities.’ Marguerite Maury was born in Austria in 1895 and brought up in Vienna...

1946 - 2022

MD, Cardiac Pathologist / Aromatherapist
and Colour Healer

Born in Slovakia shortly after the second world war to Jewish parents, Vivian moved to La Paz, Bolivia at the age of three. Her father, a Holocaust survivor and highly respected dentist, and her mother, decided eastern Europe wasn’t a safe environment to raise their little girl, so they cultivated a home in South America of love and support enabling Vivian to pursue her...

1946 - 2023

A.B.P., M.I. Biol., C.I. Biol., M.I.F.S.T., F.L.S.

Anthony Graham Burfield was born July 7, 1946, in Tunbridge Wells, England. He passed away suddenly on May 17, 2023, in Tunbridge Wells. Tony spent most of his working life in the essential oil and related industries. He worked in the production, analysis, and applications of essential oils, which has often meant long periods working on-site overseas, such as...

1953 - 2021 

Aromatherapist, Educator

Martin Henglein was born in 1953 in Heidelberg, Germany. He studied comparative literature at the Berlin University and film analysis and psychology at the The Nice Sophia Antipolis University, and also holds a DEUG Diploma, also studied art history in the University of Munich...

1935 - 2019

Professor of Chemistry

Dietrich Wabner born 1935 in Breslau/Niederschlesien, Poland. He studied Medicine, but he switched to Chemistry because he found this subject more interesting, exciting, and challenging. He completed his studies with a doctorate and worked as a Professor for Chemistry at the Technical University Munich...

1957 - 2015

Clinical Herbalist and Aromatherapist;
Esteemed NAHA President

Cheryl Hoard was instrumental in the development of professional Aromatherapy and Herbal Medicine in the United States, serving for two terms as President of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA), and through Cheryl’s Herbs, an international supplier of high-quality herbs and essential oils established in 1991 together with her...

1928 - 2015 

Founder of Time Laboratories

Annemarie Buhler was born June 12, 1928 in Zurich Switzerland to Adolf Furrer and Anna Furrer Frank. Herbs and essential oils were part of her life from the beginning. Her Mother and Grandmother, avid gardeners, treated family ailments with various home-grown herbal preparations. Aromas such as Lavender and Rosemary...