Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Aromatic Hologram Project features interviews with 50 Vintage Aromatherapists, whom we call ‘Aromatic Giants’. Speaking to our community from around the globe and by sharing their personal stories, insights and highlighting the key factors that have shaped their aromatic journey, we create a holographic picture of the history of the modern-day aromatic world. Much like a hologram, this project aims to capture a multifaceted perspective that, when viewed from different angles, reveals a unified understanding of our shared object of study.

It is also an online discussion forum for all participants to discuss these important subjects, share their insights about the interviews and create joyous fellowship during the summit.

Joining the Aromatic Hologram Project is simple and flexible. A VIP ticket offers 2 years of unlimited viewing and other perks.

By purchasing the VIP ticket, you'll be a part of our aromatic hologram. We look forward to having you join us on this exciting exploration of the aromatic world!

For an enhanced experience, consider purchasing our VIP ticket. This ticket not only grants you full access to all summit content live but also unlocks exclusive perks and benefits.

• Enjoy 2 year unlimited access to the interviews
• Watch bonus content provided by our Giants, Sponsors and surprise guests
• Receive 2 year access to the discussion forum
• Get a 20 % Discount on a 1 year Subscription to Aromatika Magazine
• Receive 2 free Perfume Special editions from Aromatika 2022 and 2023
• Automatically be entered to win exciting prizes from the Giants and our sponsors.

Aromatic Giants are those who have practiced aromatherapy for a minimum of 25-30 years and who have made a substantial contribution to the modern aromatherapy movement.

Each Giant has been interviewed to ask them to share about their own aromatic journey, turning points in aromatherapy they have contributed to and the current and future trajectory of professional aromatherapy around the globe.

Absolutely! As this event will showcase the Giants’ history, perspectives and insights into the field of professional aromatherapy, it is sure to be extremely interesting to both beginners and seasons professionals alike. It is inspirational by nature and can be appreciated by a wide audience.

Each Giant has been asked to reflect on the question, “What was your main contribution to the modern aromatic movement” as well as share their thoughts on where we have come from, where we are now and where we are going as a professional community. Thus, our viewers can expect a diverse range of topics and perspectives central to the theme of our aromatic roots, our present and our future.

The Aromatic Hologram Project began on February 16 at 6 am CET. VIP ticket holders will have 2-year unlimited access.

VIP ticket holders will have 2-year access to the summit.

By logging onto the summit platform, you will be able to enter the Aromatic Hologram Community. Here you can discuss interviews, topics of interest and network with other professionals and enthusiasts from around the world.

VIP ticket holders will receive a certificate of attendance for up to 40 hours. This certificate of attendance can be submitted to your certifying body towards CPD points (*it remains at the discretion of individual certifying bodies to recognize and allot CPD points based on up to 30 hours of participation).

While we are not able to take questions directly to the Giants, posting your questions and thoughts in the Community Forum would be an excellent place to have a discussion with your peers. While we cannot guarantee that a specific Giant will reply to your questions, we certainly encourage this form of dialogue in our community forum space.

You will only need a computer, laptop tablet or phone capable of running an internet browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari and the ability to watch streaming videos on your device. To participate in the online community forum, you will need access to a digital or physical keyboard.

We do not offer refunds on our VIP tickets as they allow two-year access to the AHP and all content.