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The Aromatic Hologram Project - Free Access

Reconnect - Inspire - Learn

(Re)connect with your aromatic roots, learn from the world’s leading vintage
aromatherapists and be inspired to further your own aromatic path in this
unforgettable series of never-before-seen interviews!


Do you want to be inspired by the world's leading Aromatic Giants and be a pioneer
in this leading-edge movement to unite our aromatic community?

Are you an aromatherapist who is part of the current, "next generation" of
professional aromatherapists and wondering where it's all heading or how
to gain a fresh perspective on where we have come from?

Do you have a practice, work as a researcher, product formulator or distiller
and want to be reinvigorated into the world of aromatherapy by connecting with
our roots and exploring our future?

Are you an aspiring aromatherapist wanting to learn more about the roots
of the modern movement and be motivated to kick-start your own aromatic path?

Join us and more than 35 Vintage Aromatherapist speakers, our Aromatic Giants,
for this 3-Day summit of exclusive interviews and stories that is unlike anything
ever presented before in our aromatic community.

During these 3 days of interviews, you will learn exactly what has inspired,
challenged and motivated our Aromatic Giants, hear how they see the future
of professional aromatherapy evolving and be inspired to consider your OWN piece
of the global aromatic hologram!

Here’s what you’ll get over 3 days:

  • Over 30 recorded interviews with aromatic giants such as, Kurt Schnaubelt, Dr. Pénoël, Shirley and Penny Price, Suzanne Catty, Sylla Shepphard-Hanger, John Steele – and so many more!
  • 24 hour access to each day's interviews
  • 3-day access to the private, online Community Discussion Board
  • The "inside story" from some of aromatherapy’s "greats" and their perspective on where we have come from, where we are now and where we are going as a professional community.

To put it bluntly…if you are someone with a serious or even
budding interest in aromatherapy, you need to be here!

As world-wide legislation, restrictions and environmental issues continue
to change how professional aromatherapy can be studied and practiced, it is
more important now than ever that we come together to remember our roots
and inspired to have productive conversations about where we are now
and where we are going.

We are a global Aromatic Hologram, and everyone holds their piece of the tapestry,
their story and perspective to share. The Aromatic Hologram belongs to us all and
we begin with those who opened the doors of the modern movement 20-50 years ago.

Your presence is not only important but can you afford not to be
a part of this ground-breaking event?

When you join, not only are you able to watch these inspiring interviews, but also
share your thoughts and connect with other like-minded professionals from around
the world in our Community – which will be open for the duration of the summit
and for 2 years following for those with a VIP ticket.

Michael Scholes

Essential Oils Specialist & Master Botanical Formulator

"The Aromatic Hologram project is so important because for the first time the history of modern day aromatics will be written, recorded, catalogued and archived. This will tell the true story of how many people were working simultaneously from all sides, in multiple countries and languages to develop what we know as Aromatherapy today. It was a group efforts and so it begs the question, "Where were you and what was your part.?”




project manager